SpeedPPC Single Core Campaign

Use this campaign type when you have a single keyword list and you don’t want to include any other information in your ads. For the Single Core campaigns grouping method, SpeedPPC will create one ad group per keyword.

Login to SpeedPPC
Campaign>New Campaign
Name Your Campaign and add Campaign Description.

Campaign Set-Up
Campaign Type>Single Core
 Grouping Method>Seed
 Target Selection: check Adwords or Adcenter or both.

Keyword Set-Up
 Add Seed Keywords
 Add Negative Keywords
 Advanced Options>Check Clean Extra Spaces and Clean Bad Characters
 Phrase Spaces>Don’t Remove or Remove and Replace.

Keyword Combining Options>

Mix Type:Every Variation (this is
 the default – as you are only using a single keyword list
 there is nothing to mix.

Mix Type Spacing>Space between words

Bids Set-up
 Bid Keywords: select match type and enter max bid amount
 for each.

If using broad match modifier>you can add the broad match
 modifer to all words, the first word or the last word.

Negative Keywords> select match type for your negatives.

Ads Set-up

Choose standard ads, expanded ads, advanced ads or call only ads.
 If you wish to insert a Seed keyword into your ad use the {Seed:Default Text} syntax

URL Set-up

This is the keyword level URL that passes keywords to your
 dynamic landing page if you are using a dki landing page. You
 can also append any 3rd party tracking code.

Preview to see what your ads will look like.
 Build to create your keyword, negative keyword and ad files.
 Remember to SAVE.

For AdWords – copy and paste these files into AdWords Editor.
 For BingAds – download and import files into BingAds Editor.

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