First, I want to thank you for your purchase of SpeedPPC.

Launched in 2007 and still going strong, it should be obvious to all by now that SpeedPPC isn’t some flash in the pan – “here today gone tomorrow” product. Since Day One we have seen SpeedPPC as a shift in the way PPC marketing is done and believed in its power to set new standards. We have seen both of these visions realized and today literally hundreds of PPC experts around the world use SpeedPPC to supercharge their PPC campaigns and grow their profits and the profits of their clients.

If you are new to SpeedPPC then it is important that you realize that SpeedPPC may be a completely new way of “doing” PPC for you. In fact, we won‟t be surprised if it revolutionizes the way you do things. And any new way of doing things requires readjustment in the way you think. It requires, to a certain extent, a paradigm shift. We believe that by using this methodology and the supporting software, you‟ll see some incredible gains in your PPC marketing. Hundreds already have.

Before you begin however, two things.

First, you‟re going to need to spend some time getting familiar with how this system works. It will require that you learn new things. It‟s not a one-click wonder. We recommend that you devote a few hours going over this document and using the software. We advise that you build a number of small, easy to manage campaigns until you are completely comfortable with the software. We think that you are going to recognize the potential SpeedPPC has for you and your business very quickly. After that, you could literally spend days or weeks rolling out, testing and tweaking campaigns.

Most of the following content is fairly easy to grasp. However, some of the more powerful elements are more complex to explain. I hope I‟m able to adequately make these procedures simple for you.

Secondly, this new way of thinking requires that you become creative in other ways. You need to think about how you can reach markets that you never thought you would be able to reach before. This might include tiny markets that you’ve neglected due to the time cost previously involved with marketing to them. With SpeedPPC, they are now in reach.

You also need to think about how you can exponentially grow your keyword lists by using the keyword mixing capabilities for your market. The simplest way is through creating campaigns based around geography, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The more creative you can be, the more power you have.

I‟ll be giving a few suggestions later that will help you on this creative journey.

Anyway, it‟s my goal to make this guide as concise and as fluff free as possible. With that in mind, let‟s get cracking!

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