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There is a lot of noise out there about what is the next magic bullet that is going to get you rich. While that would be nice, in my experience there are very few people (if any) that I’ve come across who have made a lot of money with very little work. It’s a myth.

What I have noticed about people who have done well in their online business (including our own), is that not only do they work hard, they also work smart. That means doing work in the areas that are going to yield the most results for the amount of work they put in. This is called leverage and is the core message in our business name “SuperLever“.

With the PPC Training and SpeedPPC software, we aim to get small improvements in the right places that generate massive results. I trust that you will invest not only the money you’ve paid for access to the training and software, but also invest your time to work on what we teach you so that you’ll not only become financially richer, but also richer in your knowledge which you can apply to everything you do in the future.

Don’t forget we are here to help. If you have any questions, simply ask us through our support portal. Please be patient with us initially as we have to support a lot of new users all at once. But rest assured, we have a number of staff in place to assist you, so you should get help in a timely manner.

Pivot Theory: Getting Started

A common experience when you purchase something new is to have a feeling of being overwhelmed. Especially when it comes to training and software that could potentially make you a lot of money.

It’s easy to get so wound up about the potential that you feel like it might all be too much for you. Well don’t worry, we’re here to try and curb some of those issues by clarifying exactly what is in store for you here, and the best way to tackle it.

One tricky thing we’ve found is that there are wide gaps in knowledge and experience of our customers. So for many of you some of the information might feel too simple, and for others it might feel too complicated. Nonetheless, I would still recommend that everyone follow the same pathway through things even if it feels too simple. Sometimes, it there are important little things that are handy to pick up along the way.


We won’t be teaching you the very basics of how to do PPC. Each platform already has a massive amount of excellent training on the basics. What we have focused our efforts on is not simply getting you up to speed on the fundamentals. There is already all the information you need on that out there for free.

We will be teaching you what is going to take you above and beyond.

If you’ve never done PPC before, that is fine. But we’d recommend you spend a few hours getting familiar with it before jumping in with our training. Here are some excellent resources on PPC fundamentals for each of the search engines.

AdWords Learning Center

Microsoft (Bing) & Yahoo Learning Center

Once you are up to speed on the basics of PPC you are now ready to move on to The Theory. The Theory gives you a series of videos that expand on the Pivot Theory/Strategy and put it more in the context of the PPC practice.

The Theory

Getting small improvements in the 3 pivot points should be seen as a constant process, rather than a destination. So we should be constantly aiming to improve in each of these areas so we can see the kinds of exponential growth that is possible.

However, before we dig in, it’s important that you get a bit more of a detailed understand on the theory behind this process. Specifically how we can try to achieve that within PPC.

We recommend going through the videos below to ensure that you completely understand the underlying processes that are at work here. Once you understand these processes, it becomes clear in practice why we are doing things the way we are. In many ways, it helps set our compass.

The Traffic Pivot

These videos will give you some guidance on the individual processes that are at play in how you can increase traffic while improving profits.

Increasing Traffic Without Increasing Costs

Forget about bidding wars, learn a better way to increase traffic and keep it growing over the long-term. Discover how you can cut costs and improve profits simultaneously in this introductory video.

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Improving Quality Score (QS) through Increased CTR

Stop wasted click spend and improve your quality score by juicing up your PPC ads. Increase clicks and traffic to your site, while paying the lowest minimum bid prices.

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Improving QS through Better Landing Page Quality

Google Slap-proof your landing pages with these landing page guidelines to improve your QS and conversion rates. The final piece in the puzzle for increasing traffic without increasing your costs.

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The Conversion Pivot

This set of videos will help you improve your conversion rates. Many times, this is related to things that you can do to stop the wrong people coming to your site, while assisting the right people to get exactly what they are looking for. As a result, your conversion rates go up, and many times can actually make your costs go down!

Increase Conversion Rate with Quality Traffic

Stop paying to get non-converting traffic to your sites. Learn how to find paying traffic with a better package of keyword choices, ad creative and landing pages. Employ these tips for immediate results!

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Increase Conversion Rate with Dynamic Landing Pages

See why dynamic landing pages still take the pot. Find out how you can turn your landing pages into dynamic conversion machines with smart tactics for both quality score and conversion rates.

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How to Optimize your Landing Pages for Conversions

Don’t get lost on landing pages. Learn results-driven optimization techniques to tackle content, images, links, testimonials, social proof, calls to action and where to put everything!

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Lifetime Value Pivot

These videos help you get a better understanding on the sometimes difficult to grasp concept of lifetime value. It will help you see the power in putting forces into work to improve lifetime value and how you can segment and target your customers with greater accuracy to help improve your LTV.

Introduction to LTV and How to Calculate It

Find out why you need to know your customers’ lifetime value, how to calculate it, and most importantly – how to increase it. This video will introduce you to how you figure out and measure your LTV in simple and practical ways.

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Increase LTV Overview

This video gives you an overview in the concepts of LTV and sparks some ideas on how you can see an increase. It also gives you a general framework for looking at ways to look at LTV.

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How to increase LTV with SpeedPPC

This video explains specific strategies for increasing LTV with PPC and SpeedPPC.

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Profit Multiplier

Now that you’ve learned how to snowball your traffic, conversions and LTV through each pivot – find out how you can leverage your growth to multiply your profits exponentially and keep growing your business.

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