FAQ: My tokens don’t work. Help!

Eek! That’s annoying, but there is almost always a very logical reason why not.

Here are the top 3 reasons why your tokens are not working. Work through each of these to determine the root cause. 

  1. Typo. This one is easy. You’ve just mistyped the token. Check that each token you are using is correct.
  2. You haven’t used a fallback in your token. For each token, you ideally want a fallback so that when the dynamically inserted keyword is too long, it will be replaced by the fallback. So check your fallbacks are correctly in place.
  3. You’re using a token that is not available for your campaign type. If you’re building a SKAG campaign, you should be able to use any token. If you’re using a thematic campaign, you’ll only be able to use the {Seed} token for keywords. Because of the way that thematic campaigns are structured, expansion keywords are not available.

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