Uploading Checklist

Here's a little checklist for when you send something live on Google Ads

  1. Build campaign.
  2. Check in the preview that you are happy with the result.
  3. Open Google Ads Editor.
  4. Copy bid Keywords to the keywords section. Post. Check output. If okay, press keep.
  5. (Optional) Copy negative keywords to the negative keywords section. Post. Check output. If okay, press keep.
  6. Copy ads to the right ads section. For example, if you built responsive search ads, select the responsive search ads section. Post. Check output. If okay, press keep.
  7. Add campaign budget in the campaign section.
  8. Check other campaign settings. In particular, check the geographic targeting.
  9. Open the ad groups section, select all and add a bid. This won't be used as a keyword bid is set.
  10. Check for other red errors.
  11. Check other warnings are okay (they normally are).
  12. Press post.
  13. Check that it was posted correctly.
  14. Open Google Ads web interface, and verify campaign is correctly built and posted.

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