How to use Automatic Negative Matching

With the new close variant matching changes at Google, it has become harder to show exactly the ads you want them to show. This is especially the case for Single Keyword Ad Group campaigns.

SpeedPPC offers a solution with an automatic negative matching feature.

Without automatic negative matching, you may find that your SKAG campaigns end up having a lot of bleeds between ad groups and end up showing the wrong ads for what people are searching for.

For example, Google may show a bicycle brake service ad to someone who is looking for a bicycle fork service ad.

It also may mean that the users end up on the wrong landing page and mess up your analytics.

With the SpeedPPC automatic negative matching feature, it forces keywords to be matched to the right ad group, because each keyword is then automatically negatively matched in every other ad group.

So it tells Google to only ever match that keyword query within that ad group. This means the right ads match, and the right landing page is shown from the click.

Here's how you do it with SpeedPPC:

  • Within your campaign, just head over to the Keyword's Setup section.
  • Then the Negative Keywords tab.
  • Then toggle on the Automatic Negative Keyword feature.
  • Now this will create another export option where it will allow you to export the negative keywords into your account. 

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