New to SpeedPPC? Start here!

New tools can be a little overwhelming so we wanted to provide you with a framework to enable you to quickly understand the power of the tool you have access to. 

SpeedPPC has 4 main sections.

  • Campaign Builder
  • Keyword Sets
  • Ad Sets
  • Research

It's pretty simple how it hangs together. You can use the research tools to help do the work to start building your campaigns. For example, finding new keywords to use.

The  keyword sets and ad sets sections just provide a nice repository to store and organize your keywords and ad templates.

The campaign builder is the main event and what you'll likely get the most value from within SpeedPPC.

What I would recommend before you start doing it yourself, watch this 10-minute video below that shows you how to build your first campaign. It really helps give you a good understanding of how to use SpeedPPC. 

If you want to dig into more details on the different types of campaign builds, check out the campaign building section of this help portal.

Go to the campaign building section now.

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