New to SpeedPPC? Start here!

New tools can be a little overwhelming so we wanted to provide you with a framework to enable you to quickly understand the power of the tool you have access to.

You are most likely familiar with the Google Ads structure of Campaigns containing groups of keywords, and each group of keywords having ad creative. Knowing that the most important part of your campaign is how you group your keywords together to ensure you create a healthy campaign and benefit from a high Quality Score, strong CTR to ensure you are not overpaying on your CPC.

So here's how to get the best use out of SpeedPPC

Firstly, do your RESEARCH

Head over to the 'Research' menu item found on the top menu. We suggest running a test report for each of the available reports in the drop-down and save them so you can review the output of each report and how which report will provide you with the most useful insight. When you are creating your test reports, use a range of big global company names so you can get a sense of how powerful the insights can be.

Once you have run and saved your test reports, one for each available report under the 'Research' menu option, it's time to get excited!

Secondly, Keywords, Keyword, Keywords

Now it's time to develop your keyword sets. You will have a good idea of the keywords that you want to use within your campaign, but as you've just learned, the available Keyword Suggest and Keyword Expansion reports are extremely valuable in helping you create even larger keyword lists at the click of a button.

Within both reports, you have the ability to 'Save Keywords to Keyword Lists', creating keyword sets for you to easily pick up and use when you are ready to start building out your campaigns.

Give consideration to your core set of keywords, known as Seed keywords. Then think separately about the keywords you'll use to expand your core set of keywords. These lists are called Expansion keywords. When you combine your Seed keywords with your Expansion lists, the speed and power of the SpeedPPC platform really come into play.

Lastly, start building your Campaign

The most effective way to create your first Campaign is to build out a Single Keyword AdGroup (SKAG) campaign that includes bids for all 3 keyword match types (broad, phrase & exact).

Use your Seed keyword list to understand the campaign build and then start to get fancy combining Seed and Expansion lists to create Dual and Multi-Core campaigns.

You're away!

So you are now proficient in the Research tools available and have successfully generated and saved Keyword sets ready to import into your Campaign.

Check out more specific articles in each keyword, Ads and Campaigns categories within the help area for more detailed assistance.

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