Explained: Combining Seed & Expansion Keyword Lists

The power in combining keyword lists

SpeedPPC harnesses the power of combining keyword lists automatically, saving you hours crunching an Excel spreadsheet to extrapolate thousands of keywords in the old school way.

From previous articles, you should now be up to speed with Seed and Expansion keywords lists and have some keyword sets saved inside your campaign.

The keyword lists are usually very different lists but combine together to create a powerful outcome. Let's take a look:

1 Seed keyword list + 1 Expansion keyword list = Dual-Core Campaign

The dual-core campaign is where you’re working with 2 keyword lists in total (Seed and Expansion). Because it’s the most commonly used, we’ve dedicated it to a separate campaign type when building your campaigns in SpeedPPC.

1 Seed keyword list + 2 or more Expansion keyword list = Multi-Core Campaign

The Multi-Core method uses the seed keyword list and combines it with 1 or more expansion keyword lists (up to 3 expansions). You'll find Multi-Core as a campaign type when building your campaigns in the SpeedPPC platform.

Make sure you always start with a Seed list of keywords and combine them to your Expansion keywords in the effort to exploit every variation.

SpeedPPC does all the hard work of combining keywords to generate tons of long-tail search terms, that are usually better targeted at action-takers and lower in cost, due to lower competition.

Now you know the process of combining keyword lists to form the basis of a Dual Core or Multi-Core campaign.

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