How to: Save your first Keyword Set

This step by step guide will walk you through the process of saving your very first Keyword Set.

From the top menu, hover over the menu item 'Keywords'. Another menu item will fly out. Click on this menu item to 'Add New Keyword Set'.

The 'New Keyword Set' page is displayed below.

Step 1: Enter your Keyword Set Name and Description

Give your Keyword Set a name and a description so that you can easily identify it when you are in the process of building out your campaigns. The name and description is only used on the SpeedPPC platform for identification purposes.

Step 2: Enter your Keywords

Manually type in keywords and phrases into the large white box or paste keywords you have copied from elsewhere.

Step 3: Save your Keyword Set

When you are happy that your keyword list is complete, click on the green button 'Save Keyword Set'.

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