Explained: Ads Introduction

The ads tab is where you'll be setting up the templates for the ads you want SpeedPPC to create for each ad group.

The keywords you employ in your campaigns are what bring your potential customers and your ad impressions to the same meeting place. Creating great ad copy to capture those users is a vitally important part of your campaign.

Ad copy MUST be highly relevant to your keywords

The use of tokens in your ad copy is a great way to personalize your ads and improve your search engine relevancy. The relevancy of your ad and landing page can improve your quality score and lower your bid costs.

SpeedPPC gives you the ability to customize your ads and add multiple variations of your ad copy, using tokens and a landing page generator.

Ad copy with dynamic keyword insertion

By inserting SpeedPPC's dynamic tokens into your ad creative, you can tune each ad precisely to each keyword. Regardless of how many hundreds or thousands of keywords you have, you'll only need to do this once and SpeedPPC will do the rest.

The output SpeedPPC generates will contain targeted ads for each of your ad groups, built into the specific format that the search engine expects.

You'll find more on dynamic token insertion in the next article: Building Your Ads: Using Nested Token Insertions

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