How to: Run a Competitor Landscape Report

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Video: How to run a Competitor Landscape Report

The Competitor Landscape report allows you to discover who your competitors are within the same space as your target URL. If you share a lot of common keywords with a certain competitor, it mostly means that you're offering the same services and products as they are. This report will give you a  list of competitors sorted by the number of common keywords. 

Benefits of running this report.

  • Identify competitors: See who you are competing with. 
  • Understand common factors: See how many competitors are using the same keyword set as you are, how much traffic they are getting, and how much they spend on a certain amount of traffic. 
  • Uncover keyword opportunities: Identify your traffic and cost ratio compared to your competitors. Check if you're using the right set of keywords or if you need to add more to gain more traffic. 

How to run a Competitors Landscape Report. 

  1. On the SpeedPPC Dashboard, click Research and select Competitor Landscape.
  2. Add the Domain Name and choose your top-level domain or region. The United States is the default selection on every report. Click Search.

  3. Click  Save Report on top of the page and fill out the details to add your report to the SpeedPPC Dashboard.

Performance Statistics: 

    • Google Ads Keywords: Estimated number of your competitor's keywords in Google Ads. 
    • Google Ads Traffic: Estimated number of web users who visited your competitor's website.
    • Google Ads Traffic Cost: Estimated spend for the website traffic received.

    The report will also provide a visual representation of how many keywords each competitor has in common with other advertisers and who you are competing with.

A more detailed report at the bottom of the page will provide the Estimated Google Ads Keywords, Traffic, and Ad Costs of your competitors. You will also have the option to export the file in CSV format. 

Here is a sample preview of the Competitor Landscape Report.

The first step in creating a business strategy is knowing who you are competing with. We made that easy with just a few clicks! Now that you have somewhere to start, you can run more of our research reports to give you more in-depth data about your competitors.


Which is your recommended report? 

It really depends on what you're trying to achieve. We suggest you spend some time running reports and becoming familiar with report insights to ensure you are getting the most out of your SpeedPPC Partnership. 

How old is the date shown on the report?

The data in the reports are updated monthly, at least. 

Where does your data come from?

Our research data is pulled from SEMRush. Most of our reports are unique in combining API pulls from SEMrush into a unique piece of information. For example, it may look at your website compared to your competitor and show what keywords they are bidding on that you are not. 

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