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Speed PPC provides a host of powerful Competitor Analysis and Keyword “Spy” tools that you can’t generate in Google Ads! These reports can provide additional insights that can help you build a solid foundation for your existing campaigns. Let's take a look at a basic definition of each available report :

Interrogate Competitor

This report gives you an overall snapshot view of the search (both paid and organic) activity of any given URL. 

This report is best for: 

  • Comparing the number of Organic and Google Ads keywords, traffic and traffic cost.
  • Tracking your competitor's Google Ads Keyword positions. 
  • Checking what keywords your competitor is bidding on. 
  • Checking your competitor's ad copy. 

Competitor Comparison

Compare your URL to a competitor's URL and discover what level of Google Ads activity they are engaged in, but also extract the keywords that they are bidding on that you aren’t!

This report is best for: 

  • Comparing the number of your website's Google Ads keywords, traffic and traffic cost with your competitor's website. 
  • Checking what keywords your competitor is bidding on and the standing of the keywords that they are using compared to yours. 

Expand Keywords

Need fresh ideas for keyword targeting? Insert a keyword and we’ll expand your list based on that keyword phrase. You can think of this as vertical expansion. So it takes your existing keyword and finds more ways that this keyword is used.

This report is best for 

  • Discovering new keywords. 
  • Checking the average cost for certain keywords.
  • Refining your keywords list. 

Suggest Keywords

Looking for related keywords to add to your keyword lists? The Suggest Keyword report will generate for you thematically similar keywords and the important data associated with that keyword. If Expand Keywords go deep (or vertical) on the keyword research, this goes wide (or laterally). The Sweet Spot shows a balance between competition, volume, and CPC.

This report is best for:

  • Finding similar keywords with lower cost-per-click. 
  • Edging out competition with words your competitor doesn't know about. 
  • Understand the audience behavior for certain keywords. 

Competitors Landscape

This report allows you to discover all the competitors within the same space as the target URL. You can see a list of competitors, sorted by the number of common keywords.

This report is best for: 

  • Checking who are bidding on the same keywords as you are. 
  • Comparing your competitor's estimated number of common keywords, Google Ads keywords, traffic and traffic cost.

Potential Ad Placements

Using this report, you can find sites that rank well organically for the keywords you want to target. This allows you to find opportunities to either do placement campaigns in Google Ads or else set up direct ad buying deals with the site directly.

This report is best for: 

  • Checking which websites have the highest number of high ranking organic keywords. 
  • Checking a website's estimated traffic from organic keywords and equivalent cost in Pay-Per-Click. 

Competitor Text Ad spy

This report allows you to interrogate a competitor and discover what ads they are using to get ideas for your own ad creative.

This report is best for: 

  • Recognizing how you can enhance your own ad copy. 
  • Checking if your competitors are using tailored landing pages. 

Asses your competitor's product and services by running the right report and recognize how you can enhance your strategy and outperform your competitors!


Which is your recommended report? 

It really depends upon what you’re trying to achieve. We suggest you spend some time running reports and becoming familiar with report insights to ensure you are getting the most out of your SpeedPPC Partnership. 

How old is the date shown on the report?

The data in the reports are updated monthly at least. 

Where does your data come from?

Our research data is pulled from SEMRush. Most of our reports are unique in that they combine API pulls from SEMrush into a unique piece of information. For example, it may look at your website compared to your competitor and show what keywords they are bidding on that you are not. 

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