Loading Your Microsoft Ads Campaign into Microsoft Advertising Editor

NOTE: You can only Expanded Text Ads with Microsoft Ads generated SpeedPPC campaigns. We're working on bringing Responsive Search Ads for this campaign type soon. 

If you thought uploading to Google Ads was simple, the process of exporting your campaigns to Microsoft Advertising is even easier! You only have one file to worry about.

First, go to the Microsoft Ads tab on the final export screen when building your campaign. Download your file and save as a CSV file in a place where you can find it on your computer (usually the desktop is a good choice).

You may want to open your file right away to make sure everything is in order. Note that if you’re using modified broad match, you may see errors in your spreadsheet if it interprets these cells as containing a formula. You can fix these in the original spreadsheet by changing the cell type to text and removing the equal sign in the formula bar. 

Or you can fix these in Advertising Editor by typing in the correct keyword there, once you import your campaign.

If all looks good with the spreadsheet, open Microsoft Advertising Editor. (You can find it here if you don’t already have it installed:https://about.ads.microsoft.com/en-us/solutions/tools/editor.) Go to “Import” in the top menu and choose “Import from a file.”

Select your file and review, then import it if all looks good. Take one last look within Ad Editor, and if all looks good go to “Post” in the top menu to send your campaign to your advertising account.

That’s it! Super simple!

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