Tour inside the SpeedPPC Dashboard

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Video: SpeedPPC Dashboard Orientation Video

New tools can be a little overwhelming, so we wanted to give you a simple way to understand the power of the tools you have access to.

Five Main Sections of SpeedPPC


The Dashboard is the first place you land and provides a quick overview of your SpeedPPC account. It will include a summary of your Campaigns Tab, Keywords Tab, Ads Tab, and Research Tab. 

Campaigns Tab

Each of your campaigns is listed in this tab. This will provide brief details about the campaigns you made.

Keywords Tab

Each of the created keyword sets will be listed in the Keywords tab. You can create a new keyword set during the campaign creation process or just click the New Keyword Set button in this tab. You can check the keyword sets you saved while running reports or the keywords you've listed before. 

Ads Tab

The Ads tab provides an excellent repository to store and organize your ad templates. You will still have the option to create your ad copy during the campaign creation process. This is helpful for those using templates or tokens for their ad copy.

Research Tab

Note that on each report you run, you will have the option to save the report or not. All saved reports will be available in the Research tab. Our reports mainly focus on competitor analysis to help you discover where your business stands, differentiators, and market trends. 


Can you take a look at my account and tell me how to improve it?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to jump into people’s accounts and help them improve their campaigns. Firstly, that’s beyond the scope of the support we can provide. You’re best to engage a consultant if you’re looking for that. Secondly, for privacy reasons, we don’t look into people’s accounts.

Do I need to connect my Google Ads account to SpeedPPC? 

If yes, how many accounts can I attach?
No, you don’t need to connect your Google Ads account to SpeedPPC. We deliberately create a wall between our software and your account. We do this by integrating with Google Ads editor.
This allows you to have unlimited accounts, unlimited clients, and unlimited ad spend. We won’t know any different.

Does it work for local Google Ads? Will this tool be effective in my country?

SpeedPPC will be effective in any country that uses Roman characters as their character set and left-to-right direction. 

Does SpeedPPC do campaign optimization?

SpeedPPC doesn't do campaign optimizations. Many tools try to do that (we've used all the big ones), but most fall short. The only ones we've had success with are billion-dollar companies. SpeedPPC focuses squarely on the ad-building part of the process. 

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