Video: 4 SpeedPPC Builds > 1 Google Campaign (Advanced)

Did you know - you can use multiple SpeedPPC builds for one Google campaign?

There are times when you may want to:

  • Target different keyword types, e.g. problems vs solutions 
  • Combine a different amount of keyword lists, e.g. two vs four
  • Mix keywords differently, e.g. every variation vs column order
  • Write ads more naturally worded for specific sets of keywords 

You may even want to do this within the one Google campaign structure and under the same budget.

Luckily, you don't have to try and make your SpeedPPC build one-size-fits-all. You have the flexibility to employ more than one SpeedPPC campaign build to achieve your targeting outcomes.

This can save you hours of campaign building.


Watch this intro video to see how it works, and get a handle on the concept before viewing the examples.

SpeedPPC Build 1

In the first of our SpeedPPC builds, we show a location-based campaign for Electrical Services.

SpeedPPC Build 2

We now build out Electrical Services, separate to the first build, and still uploading to the one Google campaign.

SpeedPPC Build 3

Our third build demonstrates Emergency Electrician searches, built separately using 3 keyword lists, then uploaded to the same Google campaign.

SpeedPPC Build 4

Why stop there? We now take common problems from a single seed list and add these to the same campaign.

Any questions or using multiple builds for another purpose? Let us know!

NB: These are just examples to demonstrate the flexibility in your campaign builds. However, it's also worth considering when you might want to have a separate Google campaign, rather than uploading into one. This may include when you want a separate budget, view campaigns distinctly, use different bid strategies and other factors.

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