Guide to Choosing Your SpeedPPC Campaign Type

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Video: Guide to Choosing Your SpeedPPC Campaign Type

Creating your first campaign in SpeedPPC? You might be wondering about which campaign type to create. In this article, we'll help you decide which one suits your brand best!

Visual Representation

Here's an easy flowchart for choosing the right SpeedPPC campaign type to achieve your outcome.

Things to consider when building your campaign: 

  1. Campaign Goal: The first step in building your campaign is defining your goal. What would you like to achieve, and how can you achieve that? 
  2. Campaign Strategy: Building a campaign is not just about showing flashy ads. It's about creating a pathway to achieve your campaign goal. Develop a good campaign strategy to clearly understand how you would like to structure your campaign. 
  3. Keywords List: SpeedPPC can help you create an extensive list of keywords. You need to decide whether you would like your ads to match each of your keywords or just themes. 
  4. Ad Copy: Tokens in SpeedPPC can help you improve your ad relevance. Think of how you would like to incorporate your tokens in your ad copy. 

Remember that each campaign type has its benefits. Test and find which campaign type suits your campaign needs before you begin. 


What ad types do you support?

We currently support Responsive Search Ads and Call Only Ads (only available in Google Ads).

Does SKAG campaign really work?

There are still many cases where SKAG campaigns are still suitable. In some ways, it’s the opposite of where the power used to be (in the long tail), but rather now in smaller exact match campaigns.

How does the Don’t Mix, Pair campaign type work?

Good question. Don’t mix, pair is a unique way to build out campaigns where you want to match your keywords with a URL. Here is a guide and video on how to build a paired campaign.

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