How to Run an Interrogate Competitor Report

A video and article on how to run a Interrogate Competitor Report

Video: How to run an Interrogate Competitor Report

In this video we will describe the features of the Interrogate competitor report. This report gives you an overall snapshot of any given URLs paid and organic search activity. To start, go to the Research tab and the menu will drop down with several options. Choose Interrogate competitor. This will take you to the report screen which looks like this. At the top left, input your competitors URL. On the right of the search box, you can choose the region which you want to research. Once you have entered the competitors URL and region, go ahead and hit the search button. Once the search is complete, your Interrogate competitor report will be generated and has some very useful information. It includes estimated Google Ads keywords, estimated Google Ads traffic, estimated Google Ads traffic cost, top 100 Google Ads keyword positions, top Ads keyword report. The keyword report can be saved and used later during your campaign build. Don't forget to hit the save button. The report also displays competitor Google Ads. This may be useful to help you get started with ad copy and ideas for your own ads. The last screen is to save your report. This report can be accessed at the bottom of your dashboard screen. Thanks for watching. watching.

This report gives you an overall snapshot view of the search (both paid and organic) activity of any given URL. 

Benefits of running an Interrogate Competitor Report

  • Get a quick variety of insights: Assess your competitor's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • Stay on Trend: See what the current trends are and what your competitor's current offerings are. 

  • Different Selling Techniques: Know what keywords make your competitor stand out. 

  • Ad Transparency:  Examine the competitor's ads' tone, their ad copy format, and the call-to-action they used. 

How to run an Interrogate Competitor Report

On the SpeedPPC Dashboard, click Research and select Interrogate Competitor.

Enter the Domain Name that you'd like to interrogate and choose your top-level domain or region. The United States is the default selection on every report. Click Search.

You will have the option to  Export or Save the keywords to your keywords list.

Click Save Report on top of the page and fill out the details to add your report to the SpeedPPC Dashboard.

Performance Statistics

Google Ads Results

  • Estimated Google Ads Keywords: Estimated number of the Google Ads keywords of the domain you entered. 

  • Estimated Google Ads Traffic: Estimated number of Google Ads traffic the domain can receive. 

  • Estimated Google Ads Traffic Cost: Estimated cost of the specified number of Google Ads traffic received.

Google Ads vs. Organic

  • Google Ads vs. Organic Keywords: Comparison of the number of Google Ads and Organic keywords.

  • Google Ads vs. Organic Traffic: Comparison between the number of traffic received from the keywords. 

  • Google Ads vs. Organic Traffic Value: Comparison between the cost of Google Ads traffic and Organic traffic.

Keyword Placements

  • Top 100 Keyword Positions: Number of keywords in Position 1-10.

Google Ads Keyword Report

  • Ad Position: Estimated ad placement on the search result. 

  • Search Volume: Estimated number of times a specific keyword is searched in Google. 

  • Cost-Per-Click: Estimated amount you pay for each click. 

  • Visible URL: The landing page where your competitor directs their traffic.

Text Ads

Click on the Headline or Website URL, and you'll be routed to your competitor's landing page.

Here's a sample preview of an Interrogate Competitor Report.

Understand who you are competing with and gain a keen perspective. See what your competitors lack and what more you can offer. Use this perspective, and you'll never miss out!


Which is your recommended report?

It really depends on what you're trying to achieve. We suggest you spend some time running reports and becoming familiar with report insights to ensure you are getting the most out of your SpeedPPC Partnership. 

How old is the date shown on the report?

The data in the reports are updated monthly, at least.

Where does your data come from?

Our research data is pulled from SEMRush. Most of our reports are unique in combining API pulls from SEMrush into a unique piece of information. For example, it may look at your website compared to your competitor and show what keywords they are bidding on that you are not.

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